Mosaic Magazine Release


In 2012, the Jackson Town Council and Teton County's Board of County Commissioners adopted a joint Comprehensive Land Use Plan. By any standard, the plan’s Vision Statement is extraordinary: “Preserve and protect the area’s ecosystem in order to ensure a healthy environment, community and economy for current and future generations.”

Mosaic’s goal is to help bring this vision to life.

Mosaic’s genesis lies with Tetons 2020, a group assembled in the spring of 2017 by my Charture Institute. Tetons 2020’s members – including Jackson's Mayor and the county commission chair, the heads of all of the region’s federal lands agencies, and the leaders of many of its conservation groups – came together to explore how we might help turn the Comp Plan’s vision into reality. During our discussions, we realized that, until the community has a baseline assessment of our ecosystem’s health, we will never be able to judge how well it is being preserved and protected. Mosaic is a first step in that process.