Thank You

Election day is tomorrow, and I write with a final thought and a final request.

The thought

The thought is simple: Thank you.

Not just for supporting my candidacy for Jackson’s Town Council, but for caring enough about our community to get involved.  To inform yourself about what matters.  To support candidates who can make a difference.  And most of all, to vote.

In that spirit, I thought you’d be interested in a note I received yesterday from a friend in California.

“Last year I heard a talk by a UC Berkeley political scientist in which she explained how massive ads, mailers and even canvassing — the traditional means of motivating people to vote in any particular way — are largely ineffective.  What works are conversations between friends.

“So, in case she’s right, I am writing to you, as one of my friends, to ask you to vote on Tuesday (if you haven’t already).  I hope you’ll vote to bring balance, rationality, empathy, deliberation, cooperation, and justice back into our politics.  

“But mostly I just want you to vote.  Your vote matters.

“Please vote.  And get your family and your other friends to vote, too.”

I couldn’t agree more.  And I’m sure you do too.

The request

Besides voting, may I also ask you to make one last outreach to your friends, asking them to vote for me too?

My race will be close, and every vote will count.  If you could encourage even one or two of your friends to vote for me, it will make all the difference in the world.

Thank you

As I wrap up my campaign, I'd like to offer a final thanks.  

Thank you so much, at so many different levels.  Your support means the world to me, and I'm so very grateful.

All the best,